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A Secret Mind


Ever since she fell and hit her head, little Libby Budd has been plagued by violent seizures, strange visions and premonitions. With her behaviour becoming more erratic, and at the urging of the family’s mysterious lodger, Arnold Price,  Libby’s newly widowed mother faces a tough decision: should she have her daughter committed to the lunatic asylum on Hokitika’s Misery Hill—the home of the dead, the mad and the bad? Meanwhile, storekeeper Henry Bramwell and his Chinese wife, Mai, familiar from Kaye Kelly’s Cross the River to Home are opening a shop in Hokitika. Henry’s old friend, Jimmy, returns from Australia to help out with the venture, his glamorous fiancée and her sharebroker brother in tow.  But are Claire and Elmer all they seem? And what secrets are being hidden by Anne Gilpin, the new barmaid at the Golden Age, who swears to have turned her back on the demon drink?








Cross the River to Home


Set in the 1870s, this is the story of an impossible love between a half-Chinese woman, Mai, and Henry, a young English immigrant who has come to the South Island of New Zealand in search of his sister. She is now living in Charleston, married to a local doctor, to whom Mai takes her grandfather for eye surgery.

With family ties, racial prejudice and the local community conspiring against any match between Henry and Mai, their futures promise to be bleak. But perhaps Mai’s grandfather is not the only one destined to see more clearly…


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The Body Snatcher


It’s 1947, fourteen year-old Brian Lowe suddenly has more to cope with than his new found interest in girls when a body he finds under the wharf disappears before the local copper comes on the scene. Since Brian’s been known to stretch the truth at times, nobody believes there ever was a body, and he’s made to feel like the village idiot. Humiliated at every turn as he tries to find out what happened to the mysterious body, Brian begins to wonder if it was only a dream and determines to forget all about it, but fate decrees otherwise… Liberally salted with humour, The Body Snatcher is a veritable treasure trove of all that’s not PC.



A special mention here for a special author—Alexia Stevens. For the duration of 2016 Alexia will be featuring a different author each month on her website. Alexia writes Westerns, Contemporary mysteries featuring detectives Frank “Kohana Whitehead and Duke McAlestor, and Historical Romance. Alexia’s latest blog features helpful hints for beginner writers (and for not such beginner writers) by some best selling authors. Pop along to Alexia’s website


And another very special mention here for Megan Keith, author extraordinaire and graphic cover artist. If not for Megan The Body Snatcher would never have made it to Amazon. Megan’s patience in helping me was unbelievable! If you’re wanting a sizzling hot read for the holidays, I highly recommend Megan’s Eraser series.


A cracking good read! If  thrillers and mysteries with a touch of romance are your fancy, treat yourself to a copy of Margaret Blake’s Shadows of the Past 

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