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About me




Yep, sorry folks, this all about me.


Ever since I can remember Iíve had this thought running through my mind that I should write books and I always did my best to ignore it. Letís face itóif a person hates even writing letters and hasnít a great deal of stickability (yep, thatís me) then writing isn't exactly the best career choice they could make. Some years ago, when interviewed by a very nice young reporter, she asked if I had always wanted to write, nope, I said. Well, what was your ambition, she then asked. Her face was a picture when I said that as a kid my ambition was to work in a shop that sold ice creams so I could learn to roll them. And in case youíre wondering, yes, I achieved it.


A dreamer, not a doer, in my imagination Iíve travelled the world zillions of times, climbed mountains, won Olympic Golds, and written loads of novels. In reality, Iíve had a trip to the UK that was so rushed I blinked and almost missed it, several quick forays to Australia, stood at the foothills and gazed at the mountains. Came last in a primary school sack race. But my only attempt at things literary, an essay competition the whole class hadto do in form two, was my coup de graceódamned if I didnít win. That still puzzles me.


However, over the years the little gremlin thought in my mind grew stronger, and one dayóvery much against my will, I might addóI sat down at the computer, spent five minutes flexing my fingers in the manner of a concert pianist then thought it might be a good idea to actually turn on said machine. Since then several short stories and three historical novels, Meccaís Gold (out of print), Cross the River to Home, and A Secret Mindhave been published. Currently Iíve just published The Body Snatcher, a Young Adult novel.


Born and bred on the South Islandís West Coast, Iíve used its ruggedly stunning terrain as a background for three of my novels. However, The Body Snatcher takes place in a small town (mythical) in the Marlborough Sounds, renowned world-wide for its breathtaking scenery.


These days I live in Blenheim, a pretty town situated at the top of New Zealandís South Island known for its sunshine, fine wines (the home of superb Sauvignon Blanc)and magnificent Marlborough Sounds, with myóaccording to himólong suffering husband, Tony. Our two adult off-spring, daughter and son, fearing being roughly tossed out of the nest, wisely, fled it years ago.



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