January 2016


Rightio … Christmas … it’s over for another year… the madness, the mayhem, the minus bank account. All that’s left to negotiate is New Year, and here I’d like to wish you all a fabulous 2016. May it be the year your dearest wishes and dreams come true.


Don’t know what your Christmas was like, but ours was nice and quiet—just Tony and me having a barbecue lunch out on the deck in beautiful sunshine. No fuss, no bother—oh, hang on there—I did put a Christmas table cloth on the table and we had bon bons, guess that counts for a bit of fuss.


Christmas Day I asked Tony to take off the grill that sits under the hood of the barbecue so I could clean it. I did this knowing full well he would offer to do the job. Sometimes my native cunning astounds me. While he was thus occupied, I skulked in my office, ostensibly writing, but really catching up on some reading. Eventually, Tony, clean and shiny barbecue grill in hand, whizzed past my office on his way to put back said barbecue grill. Some time later, and after hearing serious “speaking of tongues” coming from the direction of the deck, I saw the barbecue grill fly past the office window and deemed it wise to stay “skulked.” If you’re wondering if Tony managed to fit back the grill, yes, he did, but only after more serious “speaking of tongues.” In the finish it fell into place. To his disgust he’d been trying to fit it the wrong way up.


A special mention here for a special author—Alexia Stevens. This month Alexia is very generously giving of her time and featuring me on her “Author Showcase.”  For the  duration of 2016 Alexia will be featuring a different author each month on her website.” Alexia writes Westerns, Contemporary mysteries featuring detectives Frank “Kohana Whitehead and Duke McAlestor, and Historical Romance. Alexia’s latest blog features helpful hints for beginner writers (and for not such beginner writers) by some best selling authors. Pop along to Alexia’s website


And another very special mention for Megan Keith, author extraordinaire and graphic cover artist. If not for Megan The Body Snatcher would never have made it to Amazon. Megan’s patience in helping me was unbelievable! If you’re wanting a sizzling hot read for the holidays, I highly recommend Megan’s Eraser series.



February 2013


After a long hiatus from writing, I’m finally back at the keyboard and aiming to have Faith, Hope and Brian Lowe, a YA novel, published later this year. The story takes place in a mythical town in the Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand, in 1947/48 and chronicles a year in Brian’s life. And no, it’s not a diary, it’s Brian’s take on life as he struggles to come to terms with the unsettling—yet exciting—changes of puberty, his father’s problem drinking and inability to keep a job.  His older unmarried sister’s pregnancy; a proper scandal back then, and his best mate contracting polio. Oh, and a disappearing body.


A worthy book? No way. Brian’s naivety (some would say denseness) in tackling these   problems lands him in some hilarious situations. A YA adult novel, certainly, but I reckon a lot of adults would have more than a chuckle or two reading Faith, Hope, and Brian Lowe.

On the home front.

Visitations in the night. A few weeks ago I was woken by footsteps in the bedroom. Thought it was Tony heading to the bathroom, but then realised he was still soundly tucked up in bed beside me.


Yoicks! I did a starfish freeze. “Did you hear that?” I croaked. No answer. No movement from Tony. Crikey, I thought, he’s died and his soul’s just walked out the door. Just as I was about to squeeze his nose to make sure he really was dead, he startled the bejeebers out of me by leaping out of bed and racing through the house looking for an intruder.