Falling Stocks, by pokwer 17/09/2001
   Wake up call.

Judgement, by pokwer 18/09/2001
   "Has a terrorist a Buddha nature?"

Leet Street (photo by Asmo)
   Yes, really. It's in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Find The Black Dot, if you can.

Milford Photos

The view from my caravan window on a frosty morning.
The same view again, in the afternoon, looking up.
Light mountain, dark valley. Earth, air, water.
Ice, rocks, river, trees.
Rainbow haze/sparkle as the sun begins to shine on frost covered rocks by the river.
Looking downstream towards Mitre Peak.
Looking downstream towards the "Screaming Man", "Giant Elephant Poo", or "Christmas Pudding". Take your pick.
Looking upstream towards the somewhat ineptly nicknamed "Nipple Mountain". The name stuck, however.
Our little houses! From across the smaller of two forks in the Cleddau river.
Another frosty outdoor shot.
Action shot of the river doing what it does best. Pretty colours too.
Juxtaposition of liquid and solid... and rocks.
My house :)
Can you spot the Kea?